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Why Is It Expensive to Develop An App?

  • By Farrah Shawky
  • 12-11-2018
  • Software

There are multiple factors that contribute to the cost of developing a mobile application. If you are not in the development industry, you may not know what is it that determines the cost of a mobile application. So this article will give you a simplified summary for you to keep in mind while getting your own mobile app developed.


Basically where you want your mobile app to be available. For example if you want it to be available for iPhone users, Android users, Windows, or even have it as a Web app.

Keep in mind that the more platforms you wish your mobile app is supported on, the more expensive the cost of development would be.


A great mobile app idea can be lost if the design isn’t the best. And by design we do not only mean how it looks and it it’s aesthetically pleasing but also making sure that the user experience is not forgotten. If you have a wonderful app idea but bad user experience then what’s the point?

App Features

The features of any app is it’s core and drives the idea into action. However, based on the complexity of the application the cost of development will increase.


This only really applies when you have an online mobile application, because then you will need a server. This in turn increases the development costs as you will have to think about the server setup, storage requirements, security, how the server will communicate with the app and many more.

Developer Accounts

For anyone to be able to release a mobile application in an app store such as the Apple App store or Google Play you will have to pay for a developer account. The price changes depending on the app store and if you are releasing it as an individual or a company.

App Maintenance

It’s not the end once you release an app, you still have to make sure that application is up to date as to have the best user experience for anyone that downloads the app. If you want to make sure that every time a mobile phone gets a big update that can change how the app is used, that your application is updated accordingly this will also increase the cost of development.

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