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How to prepare for Gitex Dubai?

  • By Rana
  • 11-10-2018
  • Marketing

Gitex is one of the biggest technological event in the Middle East. Technology companies gather from everywhere in the world to showcase their innovative products and solutions. Some of the regular exhibitors are Samsung, Intel, HP, Huawei and many others…IntCore too.

If you’re visiting the exhibition this year, there are some steps you need to do to make sure you’re prepared.

  1. Bring Business Cards

Gitex is a great place for networking, you’ll definitely find something worth interacting with its exhibitor for. It’s also a very professional event, having a business card is essential. You need to bring a pile of them because you’ll be distributing business cards faster than breathing. Trust us!


  1. Dress professionally and comfortably

As mentioned in the previous point, it is a professional event; everybody is dressed in formal attire. It is essential you dress professionally if you are looking to do business there.

Gitex has several huge halls of exhibition, walking from a place to another might be a nightmare if you’re not dressed comfortably. Make sure your outfit is both comfortable and professional.


  1. Plan earlier

The exhibition is huge, looking for a specific company or person is impossible without knowing their location prior to going. You need to plan your objectives and pick out who you want to meet with or see their booth earlier.


  1. Set Meetings

If you’re going to make some business, you need to set meetings before going. Gitex gives access codes to a system where you can send meeting requests to individuals who share your same interests.


  1. Take Notes

You meet tens and hundreds of people everyday, normally, no human being can remember every conversation with every person. A notebook can help you write down and memorize important thoughts and ideas in Gitex.


  1. Dare to Dream

The biggest technology companies are there and what they show is very impressive, not just their products, but everything about them, from their representatives to their booth. Your head will be rushing with thousands of ideas and you’re not yet through the first hour of the day. Write down these ideas and implement them. Who knows? You might be the Future Google.


  1. Check out the Future Stars Hall

The future stars hall is where all the innovative stuff are at with all the startups. Very young individuals who had dreams and visions implemented what they planned for. You get to see what the youth every where in the world do. It’s our all time favorite hall.


  1. Visit IntCore, obviously.

Of course it goes without saying that we’ll be waiting for you in our booth to show you our latest products from an E-Commerce ready for delivery in 3 days to an event management system for every event. Got ideas for mobile applications or web solutions? We’ve got you covered there too. We’re in Sheikh Saeed Hall, booth S-D1.