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Tips For Hiring a Mobile App Developer

  • By Farrah Shawky
  • 30-08-2018
  • Variety

If you are following our facebook page, you probably already know that we are on the hunt for an iOS developer. So we decided to give you some tips and tricks if you want to hire one yourself.

For an app development company, it’s bread and butter are the developer’s talents. Without a great developer to bring your client’s apps to life, what is the point of it all?



It goes without saying that experience is essential, just like any other job the years of experience is very important in determining how well the applicant can do their job. With app development it is even more essential as it proves that they have, without a doubt gained skills and are able to do their job better.

Past work

With app developers, one way to know how well they do their job is taking a look at their past work, ask them which part of the app they coded, or if they have an app they did all on their own. For this you will definitely need someone in the same field of expertise so they can identify the quality of work and if they actually did it or just grabbed the code off the internet.

Tests and Technical Interviews

In any interview people tend to showcase and highlight the good aspects of themselves, they may even embellish a thing or two. This is why you would need to give them a test if possible so you are able to determine how well applicants can do what you need them to do in the set amount of time, and it will also allow you to compare the skills of the different applicants and you will be able to see which applicant is the best fit.


If the applicants are able to get recommendations from their previous job or from clients when they freelanced, that will give you an employer’s perspective of their work. Contacting their previous work place to ask them any questions you may have on their work can also be very helpful.

In conclusion, you need to take your time and not rush your pick of a developer. Have multiple interviews and tests until you are sure that they will be able to add value to your company.

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