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Essential Online Web Development Resources

  • By Farrah Shawky
  • 16-08-2018
  • Variety

A bit ago we released an article about where you can start learning web development. So let’s assume you used some or all of these ways to learn web development, and that you have started practicing and are starting to get creative with web design. Maybe you want to add an element that looks or behaves a certain way.

In any case, the path to learning can hardly be linear. Along your journey you will need tools, resources, and extra bits of info to make it along the top-tier web developers.

So, to save you some effort, we compiled a list of extra resources that, while you will probably stumbleupon sooner or later, we want to make sure you are aware of. Check out some of them below.


MDN Web Docs

“Resources for developers, by developers” and we couldn’t have possibly said it any better. There is hardly a better authority on the web than Mozilla, and the MDN web docs is - more or less - the end-all-be-all resource for web developers.

As an aspiring (or seasoned) web developer, you are bound to stumble upon this fantastic resource. MDN web docs are the most comprehensive source on the internet for anyone needing a reference on HTML, CSS, or Javascript (and a little more).

While you may not want the bulk of your learning to happen here, you definitely want to keep at least 3 tabs open to MDN web docs.

MDN Web Docs Home page


W3 Schools

Ah, W3 Schools, the birthplace of all web development learning. While this website may be a bit old, it is by no means useless - old is gold, you know.

While W3Schools is a bit less comprehensive, and not as easy to navigate as MDN web docs, don’t knock it until you try it!

W3Schools is more geared towards beginners and offers certificates in HTML, CSS, and Javascript to help you push towards a career in web development.

Besides, all old-school web developers out there just have deep fond memories on this website.

W3Schools Home page



There is something about stackoverflow. No matter how big, small, or ridiculously specific your issue is, if you google it you WILL find someone has started a thread about it on stackoverflow.

This place is just the ultimate troubleshooting Q&A website for anything programming. While the community might be a bit harsh to get into, you could still do well to look at older threads and almost always guarantee that you will find your solution.

Stackoverflow Home Page



As a beginner web developer, walking into codepen always felt like walking into a candy shop. How people have creations so amazing with just HTML, CSS, and JS is truly beyond me.

This place is basically the playground to developers, there you can share anything you have created. Don’t get intimidated by what you see though, because some of the things you will see there are insane. However, it is a great place to get inspired when you are looking to do something creative.

Or maybe create your own fantastic fabrications and share them with the rest of the world (and maybe get noticed).

Code Pen Home Page



If you are looking to up your Javascript skills, then come right this way.

Here is where you get to challenge yourself. You choose a language and it tells you to solve a code. Then afterwards it shows you how others solved it, allowing you to learn different ways to accomplish something. By solving these challenges and you rank up. Such a challenging and interesting way to learn more deeply about code.

Worth mentioning is the community-based approach to learning. As you learn and do challenges you will find other members of the community doing the same challenges (or katas if you want to use the lingo) and sharing their issues and knowledge. How wholesome is that?

Codewars Home Page



For all your collaboration and sharing needs, JSfiddle exists.

Mix up your HTML, CSS, and JS to create little snippets that you can collaborate with others on. You can also send your snippets to people more skilled than you for critique like I do, or people less skilled for gloating rights.

Firing up JSfiddle and adding code is so simple and with instant feedback that more often than not you will find that testing your creations here might just be the best way to go about it.

JSfiddle Home Page


Want to start learning web development? Click here.

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