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Top 10 Useful Mobile Apps To Make You MORE Productive

  • By Farrah Shawky
  • 24-07-2018
  • Variety

Top 10 Useful Mobile Apps To Make You MORE Productive


Nowadays, it can be difficult trying to be productive when our mobile phones are full of attractive and time-wasting applications. But your phone doesn’t need to be the time waster it currently is. We compiled a list of some of our favorite mobile applications that will help you make the most out of your phone and your time.

(In no particular order)


Start your day right with this alarm clock. It tracks your sleeping patterns through noise, and wakes you up when your body feels most awake, within the time range you set.

Based on personal experience this application will get you to feel awake in no time. All those groggy mornings will be a thing of the past.

Android IOS



If you’re not already familiar with CamScanner, then you’re missing on perhaps the most useful mobile app on the store. If you ever had to deal with scanning or taking pictures of documents and sharing them, then you already know the burden.

CamScanner allows you to take better optimized, clear shots of the documents you want. You can even bunch them up together in a PDF so you don’t forget to send that extra paper you snapped a day before. Not to mention it will decrease the clutter of multiple pictures in your gallery.

Android IOS


If you’re anything like me and you're constantly switching from one social media application to another, whenever you hold your mobile phone for too long, thrive should be right up your alley.

Thrive lets you limit your compulsive scrolling to a time limit so you can focus more and longer on the things that matter without completely losing touch with the outside world.

It also allows you to set limits for certain applications and allow others based on your preference.

Android IOS


Google Keep

If Evernote is too much for you to handle and your mobile’s stock notes are too limiting, then Google Keep is just the app you need in your life.

Like everything Google, this app isn’t without a simplistic charm that doesn’t overwhelm you and yet feels so easy on the eyes.

Personally, I just keep a widget of the app on my home screen so I can take out the phone and start noting down the silliest things on a whim. Oh and did I mention that your notes or reminders are synced up to Google servers and available on all your devices?

Android   IOS


The Google Bunch

Microsoft Office may reign supreme on desktop, but for mobile applications, nothing beats the G-trinity: docs, slides, and sheets.

What these apps may lack in sheer power, they more than make up for in mobility. Edit your docs and sync them up with all your devices with no-nonsense editors that are all about simplicity and mobility.

Docs  Sheets  Slides

Docs Sheets Slides



Going to the grocery store can be an overwhelming experience and looking at all the product displayed  that are designed to distract you, can easily make you forget why you’re even there.

This essential mobile application allows you to compile a shopping list out of templates they provide and even lets you to share them with your roommates, family, or friends.

Android IOS



This is probably the most known mobile application on this list, but can you blame me for adding it?

Dropbox allows you to save any kind of file on a cloud that you can access from multiple devices, that means that in addition of freeing up space on your phone you can transfer files from your mobile phone to your PC wirelessly.

Android IOS


Want to learn something new? This application can be your gateway into coding. It is an innovative and portable way that will teach you some of the basics of JavaScript any time you feel like it.

Android IOS



If coding is not your thing, then this is another learning opportunity.

Duolingo allows you to learn languages whenever you want. Have unfulfilled dreams of learning Japanese? Want to be able to order that one French item on the menu without feeling uncultured? Duolingo.You can set objectives and let Duolingo notify you of your languages classes every day to start learning.

Android  IOS



An important aspect of productivity is relaxation and taking the time to breathe. This mobile application will help with just that, it will guide you through meditation. It also helps you end the day on a relaxing note, with soothing sounds that will lull you to sleep.

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