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The Practical Guide to Becoming an IOS Developer for Dummies

  • By Rana
  • 04-07-2018
  • Software

The market surely needs more qualified IOS developers. The Java language which is associated with Android mobile app development is taught in almost every university and every computer science graduate had, at some point, studied Java, unlike the Swift language which is associated with IOS mobile app development. And because there is a scarcity in qualified IOS developers in comparison with android developers, IOS mobile app developers get paid better than their fellow Android mobile app developers. IOS mobile app development tools are much like any other Apple product, very easy and convenient to use, so you will be able to create more output with less effort. Another encouragement to becoming an IOS developer is that it is very easy to learn.


Now how can one become an IOS developer? We’ll walk you through steps to becoming an IOS developer, even for those who have no coding background.

Step 1: How to code with no prior coding knowledge? (If you already have good programming knowledge, you can skip this step):

  • Take the CS50 course offered by Harvard University for free

This is an introductory course to the world of programming, it will get you familiar with programming concepts, problem-solving and a number of basic languages.

You can take this course here:


  • Study Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

OOP is a programming concept which is based on objects and data, rather than actions. Objects can be used to describe human beings, pets, buildings, materials, buttons, cars, etc. The first step in OOP for programmers is to list down all the objects they will need and see how objects relate to one another.

A good course for OOP is:


  • Study Data Structure

Study Structure is how you can organize the data you have. Think of data as your clothes, socks and shoes; and think of data structure as your closet. You may want to put your socks in drawers, clothes in hangers and your shoes in shoe cabinets. This is how you know where everything is so when you want something you know where to get it from. Much like programming, data structure is very important for everyone to work smoothly and neatly.

You can study data structure from here:


  • Study Problem-Solving

Problem-Solving skills are very important to every programmer. In fact, this is what differentiates a good developer from a poor one. It is understanding how humans solve problems and translating the solution into a code understandable by a computer. You technically act as a coordinator between humans and machines, so you must be able to understand both in order to solve the problem on hand.

This skill needs lots of practice and solving so look for youtube videos, exercise material, etc.


Step 2: How to Become a Good IOS Developer?

  • Take Stanford University Developing Apps for IOS CS193P Course

This course will allow you to learn how to build mobile applications on IOS in an easy and smooth way. This course is designated for iOS 11, Xcode 9 and Swift 4.

You can get the course for free here:


  • Look for courses by Instructor Mark Price

Mark Price is also a great instructor. He can walk you through everything on IOS mobile app development from what it is, to its structure to even features. His courses are found on Udemy by they are not for free. This is a link to a list of courses instructed by Price:


  • Learn about Design Patterns

Design is very important for developers. In many scenarios, design is given to the developer so that they can put it into code. Usually, mobile app development starts with design and then the code. This article can help with learning the basis of design:


  • Read as many articles as possible on the below website

This website can also add to your knowledge not just for design, but several other important topics related to mobile app development and web development, so always keep updated with trends through these articles.


  • Practice is the best of all instructors

In order to make sure all the information has sunk in, you need to practice as much as you can. You need to start looking for designs of mobile applications and attempt to make it into an application. You can get designs from this website: and start making it into an actual mobile application to practice the skills learnt (without uploading it on the store of course)

There is also a channel on youtube that can help you get started with building mobile apps. It shows you practical tutorials on building actual mobile apps. It’s called “Let’s build that app”. Also here is a link for it:


  • Be Passionate, Persistent & Consistent

This is rather a tip on becoming an IOS developer. If you lack the passion and persistence, do not expect to go anywhere. Mobile app development and programming in general are much more of a hobby than a job. Consistency is also very important; just like any language, programming can be forgotten if not practiced often with consistency. Finally, Loving what you do is key.


Tell us in the comment box below how you learnt programming and swift in particular to help others with their journey.