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Responsive Website vs. Mobile App

  • By Rana
  • 20-02-2018
  • Software

Responsive Website vs. Mobile App

On this day and age, if you are planning to establish a business, it is important to have an online presence. You can create mobile presence by either using a Mobile Application for users to download or a Mobile-friendly Website.

At first glance, Mobile Websites and Applications can appear selfsame but they have different features. The one that you would use depends on a number of factors such as budget, target audience, features needed and usage purposes.

What Is The Difference Between A Responsive Website And A Mobile App (Application)?

It is important to understand the major differences between a responsive mobile website and a mobile application as these will serve as a guide in helping you make a better choice that will be suitable for your business.

Features of a Responsive Website


The Mobile Market has experienced a surge of users over the past few years. As of 2013, according to a survey, there are billions of smartphone users. This Development necessitated the demand of Designing a Mobile-friendly Website that will enhance user experiences.

Many businesses now have Responsive Websites to enable them to expose their goods to their customers on various platforms and devices. This is also used to increase their customers’ base.

A Responsive Website is a Design and Development technique used in creating a website to be highly responsive to the size of a user’s mobile screen. This allows the viewing of your Website using any type of handheld device. It fits the screen size of any type of device it is viewed with. A Mobile Website has HTML as its backbone. The HTML pages can only be accessed with a browser.

A Mobile Website is specifically built to be viewed on mobile screens like smartphones and tablets. A responsive mobile website is easily accessible, readable and fast-loading.

Search Engine Optimized

When people look for information nowadays, they opt for their mobile devices in search of it. They search for this information using search engines using web browsers. Google recognizes SEO and Mobile-friendly Websites and offers them enhanced ranking in the index of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

A Responsive Website is Search Engine Optimized which means you can use on websites for reaching your goals. Unlike in Mobile Applications where you have to create Multiple Apps for different Mobile Devices, you will just use a Search Engine Optimized website to enhance your brand recognition.

Saves Time and Costs of website management

Website users find it much easier to create and manage websites. Creating a Mobile App for your business means that you have to Design Apps to be compatible with different mobile devices. This costs a lot in its creation and maintenance.

With a Responsive Website, maintenance costs are lower as you are just making use of a website to reach out to your targeted audience on different mobile devices.

Easily Accessible

The Content Of a Mobile Website is readily accessible to users for viewing using a browser across a wide range of devices (Android, iPhone, tablet etc). A Mobile App requires a download of the App from an App Marketplace before you can be able to view the contents.

Increase in Conversion Rate

The ease of accessibility of the Mobile Website makes it easy to be viewed across a range of Mobile Devices. This leads to the increase of exposure of the Website and in turn an increase in the conversion rates.

Features of a Mobile App

A Mobile App is a software program designed to run on computing devices such as the mobile phones and tablets. Their function is different from that of a Responsive Website. they need to be installed before they can be used.

Notwithstanding the benefits of a Responsive Website, Mobile Apps are still very useful. There are certain occasions where a Mobile App will come in handy for your business. These scenarios include:

Offline Connection

A Mobile App should be considered if you need to provide offline access to your goods and services without a network connection.

Regular Engagement

This can be used to keep your customers abreast and engaged with the latest updates regarding your goods and services. It is useful for Businesses that have high customer interaction.

Graphical Analysis

A Mobile App can prove useful when you need a platform that will help you take data and manipulate it with complex calculations.

With the rapid growth of Mobile Use, Mobile Application and Websites continues to be considered by organizations determined to create an online presence. Their usage depends solely on your goal.