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7 tips to market for your mobile app

  • By Shrouk
  • 13-12-2017
  • Marketing

How many mobile apps die after a short period of their launch just because their owners didn't invest some time in searching for marketing activities?

Your app can be one of a very good idea but without marketing, who would know about it? The answer is simply, nobody! That's why marketing for your application is as important as its development.

We're offering you some steps that even start before developing the app and continue afterwards.

1. Validate that you app will make life easier

Before starting the development phase, you need to invest a good amount of time in nothing but market research! You might have a really great idea, but what if this idea has been already implemented previously and proved its failure? Or what if people actually don't need this idea or don't think that it might ease their lives? Well, I know this is a bit tough, but this step is a must. Makin sure that your app has a target segment that will be motivated to use it will make the whole marketing processes afterwards easier and less costly!


2. Search for apps that are similar to your own one

You might think that this step is a waste of time, however, it will blow your mind with several ideas and improvements that you can do with your own app. Try to avoid the mistakes that existed in similar apps and get inspired by the designs and features they used, also take a look at users' feedback on your competitor apps, this will help you in making your app as perfect as it should be.


3. User experience is a key to success

Why would anyone continue on using an app that's not easy and friendly to use? If your idea is great, you targeted the right audience, you invested time in comparing yourself to competitors and you actually did all kind of required efforts but you didn't stress on the UX of your app, then all your previous efforts will fade away.

Even if your app succeeded for maintain users for a short time, they will drop off from you on the long term and decide to use an easier app that they understand and feel familiar with. So never ever compromise on user experience!


4. Stay connected to Social media

After you launch you mobile app, invest all you marketing acitivies in making your app appear to everyone that might have a need for it. This can be easily done on social media according to the most social media platforms that are used in your country. You can easily target your customers online and advertise for you app as much as you want. So customers get to know who you are and what you offer and therefore install your app!


5. Promotions are always catchy

If you're selling something with your app or providing a sort of a service that requires some payment, the best option to make people install your app is to provide discounts and promotions! Believe it or not, people would purchase something they don't necessarily need just because it's sold for a discount!


6. The power of influencers

Influencers are everywhere and many of them have quite a good base of followers on social media, so why not using that?!

You might think that users would be aware that this influencer is being paid for advertising for your app, but guess what, it doesn't matter! Because at the end of the day, what matters is that the user gets to know your app's name and what it does, and if he/she really has a need for it, they will give it a try and install it. So by any means it will affect you positively.


7. The power of word of mouth

A very strong marketing aspect is word of mouth. This means that someone tries your app and start to recommend it to other people, so if your app reached this point, it will never die! The only way to become a word of mouth app is to appeal as perfect as nothing else to users. Make users choose you over your competitors and always improve and update your app just to retain your users and increase them!

Takeaway: Marketing is not a waste of time, it's the path that will take your app to a great success or a real failure.