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4 simple steps for SEO beginners

  • By Shrouk
  • 12-10-2017
  • Software


Have you ever heard the term "SEO" and started questioning yourself, what is it about and how does it work?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. What SEO does in a very simple way is improving your websites' visibility in search engine results. This means that it ranks your website on the top when people search for the services or products that you offer.

For most people, SEO seems to be something very complex and difficult, and in most cases, people hate to take the responsibility of managing an SEO strategy, however, the process is not difficult to that extent. In this article, we will take your hand and go through some simple steps that make the process much easier. All you need is to apply the steps that you've learned with us!

1. Identify the tools you need

SEO has several tools but let's start with the two main tools that will make it easier for you.

  • Google Adwords: this is a very useful tool in determining the keywords that your customers are searching for so that you use those results in promoting your page and accordingly you appear to the audience that is interested in what you provide.


  • Google Analytics: This tool helps you track the actions that happen on your website, it gives you insights about how people are interacting within the borders of your website. It's an important part of your SEO because it helps you get w bit closer to your audience and know exactly what attracts them and what doesn't.


2. Keywords

This step can be regarded the most important step of your SEO. Keywords are the bridge that Keyword Planner link your website to the people searching for it. In order to have a successful SEO strategy, you need to very precisely understand what your target customer type in the search bar. Their keywords might be very similar to what you expect but might also be something far from what you think. There are several tools that help you in defining the best keywords that match your website and match what people search for at the same time but the best tool to do that is


3. The magic of content

Content can turn your website into your greatest asset. If you keep your website updated and rich in content, you will make the process easier for the search engines and your website visitors as well. Content can have several forms such as Blog Posts, Industry Articles, Tutorials & How to Guides, Infographics, and Videos. Sharing useful content will make users interested in visiting your website and accordingly increasing your traffic. It also helps the search engine to rank your website on the top.


4. Review your site

When you engage in SEO activities, it's crucial to review and audit your website from time to time, for example, every month. The aim of this step is to give you insights about your site's performance. This tool can help you in this mission, it will tell you everything about your website. Thus, you will be able to define the areas that need improvement and the areas that are working well.


The process requires much work and effort, but you can start with those four steps and you will learn more and more within every step you take further.