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7 weird websites you knew nothing about

  • By Shrouk
  • 27-09-2017
  • Software

The internet is not only about social media and e-commerce, there are hundreds of weird websites that actually make you ask yourself "why did those developers spend their time in creating this stuff". Some of them might be weird but useful and others are really a waste of time. Go through the seven weirdest websites that we collected into this article.

  1. the nicest place on the internet

This website is created for your depressed and sad times and when you actually feel lonely and you need some support! You will find people from different countries around the world sending you hugs and kisses, and tell you that everything will be okay! It helps you decrease your depression rates and feel that you're not alone, this world includes millions who care about you even from long distances!


  1.  zoomquilt

Are you suffering insomnia? Do you spend so much time in bed before you fall asleep? This website is for you then. Turn the lights off and put all your focus on your mobile screen while it zooms in into different worlds, you will fall asleep very soon, just try it out!


  1. fact slides

Are you enjoying weird facts? This website provides you with random information whenever you visit it. Most information is really weird facts that you never knew, and the reference is always provided at the bottom of the fact. It's quite interesting!


  1. tholman

This website is really weird, you'll spend some seconds trying to find out what you're actually doing there. Well, you draw in text, as simple as that! You need to discover it by yourself.


  1. rainy mood

Because rain makes everything more beautiful. This website gives you the feeling and sound of real raindrops surrounding you, it's good for relaxation, sleeping and even as background for you while you're working.


  1. tholman generative

Watch different shapes getting merged together with different shading and coloring styles. It's not really interactive but you will spend some time on it watching the process to be completed.

  1. falling falling

This is one of the weirdest websites of this article. It plays "falling" music while you observe different walls of colors falling one after another. It may help you relax or unplug your mind from any hassle you're involved in, but anyways, the idea is very unusual.

Website development is interesting, but sometimes it gets crazy!