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Women have stories to tell: E7kky's case study

  • By Shrouk
  • 26-09-2017
  • Variety

About E7kky
E7kky's idea was formed following the previous triggering events of the revolution in 2011, however, the business plan was very complicated. This prolonged the process until the platform came to life in 2016.
Namees –E7kky's founder and CEO- wanted to encourage women to tell their stories whether hardships or success. E7kky's main aim is to change the society's view about women. One of the success measures for E7kky is, strangely enough, getting negative feedback and comments, it means they are hitting the red buttons and breaking the stigma step by step. 
E7kky's business plan relies solely on women who trust the organization and tell their story. Editors in return help shape up the story and tell it to the world. The main challenge is getting those woman to actually tell their story to E7kky, which makes E7kky strive for reliability and trustworthiness.
E7kky's short-term plan is to expand more, increase brand awareness, and brand engagement. While in the future, they plan to cover all of the Middle East.

The Collaboration between INTCore and Ehkky
When E7kky knocked our doors, we were pleased to become their business partners and to stand behind this one of a kind magazine. We wanted their social business to reach everyone in our society and to make their exposure easier and faster, this was our role in the story. E7kky wanted a website that reflects the core of its business and to be user-friendly at the same time. Their website represents their business and it's the place where they share their unique stories in an Egyptian taste.  
After some negotiation procedures between Intcore and E7kky, both of us agreed on a soft, ladylike design. We wanted E7kky's audience to feel that they belong to the magazine and that it actually represents what they want to say and share. That's how the website's design came to life.

So how did this website help E7kky?
E7kky's website became their actual business that the whole company depends on. With its multiple magnificent features, their readers became more engaged to the website and interested to spend time in front of it. They can find what they want by directly clicking on their favorite sections. 
Women can also submit their stories on the website, which makes the process much easier for E7kky's reporters, saving their time instead of meeting each and every woman that has a story to tell. The website also supports videos for the women that don't have enough time to read an entire article and want to watch a video instead, this helped E7kky in reaching each and every woman according to what works best for her.  
We're proud that E7kky is one of our fabulous business partners, and we're glad that we have a fingerprint in their inspiring success story. Best of luck to E7kky, and to every woman in this society!