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What is UX ?

  • By admin
  • 27-04-2016
  • Marketing

Sometimes we hear UX but we feel conflict, is the UX designer that make the product design or website design or app design? he making the wireframes for product? In fact we need to know firstly what is meaning of UX, this extension for user experience, everything around you taken stage of testing and design and here UX designer required because this stage we catching the user experience reaction when acting with your product and this is for everything not only in the website or software only e.g you will find two dashes in the keyboard this dashes made to help users how to write without looking to the keyboard and this keyboard have UX Study and Case of uses to be fixable for users Is the UX design only this words ?? For sure no, The UX is big knowledge and you can't know it in some words or book there was people life for UX study. Firstly start when the other finished because it's not logical to design airplane and it's already founded and the effort not mean success maybe you make your maximum effort but the result not applicable. Before starting in UX Design this is the stages you must do:-
1- Case Study for product requirements.
2- Focus in the target segmentation will use this product.
3- Make research and analysis for this product and latest update for it.
4- Start the sketching and wireframes for the product .