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5 AdWord Mistakes You Need to Avoid

  • By admin
  • 14-05-2017
  • Marketing

Online business owners know the importance and benefits of Google AdWords. They are used to drive traffic to websites and by putting them to good use you can potentially increase your total sales. However, one concern that pretty much everyone has about Google AdWords is how expensive they can get if not managed properly. Therefore it is crucial to avoid silly mistakes in order to manage your budget.

A campaign that is not managed properly can cost more than the profit it brings in, whereas a well managed campaign can drastically increase your total sales. Therefore, in this post we will discuss 5 of such mistakes that you should avoid.

Not grouping keywords correctly

AdWords provides the flexibility of creating different ad groups in order to manage various campaigns. So let’s say you have a content campaign and you have a product campaign then you can breakdown your ads and keywords in every ad group which is a huge plus for business owners. But people don’t use this feature and in lieu of separating ads based on different keywords they just combine them together to save time.

But the problem here is that if the keyword typed doesn’t match the ad then the chances of your ad being clicked are quite slim.

Not using negative keywords

Do you know that without adding negative keywords you could potentially be paying for irrelevant clicks? AdWords has made it so easy for people to eliminate irrelevant clicks but people are too lazy to optimize their ads. By using negative keywords you can exclude keywords which are not a good match for your services or products.

Not being aware of your competitors

No matter what kind of business you run, it is crucial to be aware of your competitors. That is because you get a better idea of what is up against you and whether your potential customers will click on your ad or theirs. Therefore look into who your competitors are and check out their ads and landing pages. Examine your ads and their ads from your customers’ perspective and see which is better. This way you can really improve your ranking if you put your mind to it.

Setting your expectations too high

Although Google AdWords is a really good tool, you can’t set unrealistic expectations and hope that it’d help you make drastic sales. Apart from that a good budget is needed to test and run AdWord campaigns but if you have a really small budget then don’t set your expectations too high.

Not directing your visitors to correct pages

Instead of leading visitors to product pages many people make the mistake of sending them directly to their homepage, which of course is a mistake because people want to see direct mach to the ad they saw. Plus directing them to your homepage may make them want to leave.