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How to Use LinkedIn Most Effectively

  • By admin
  • 20-04-2017
  • Marketing

While in the past many people didn’t feel the need of being on LinkedIn simply because they thought that the people around them knew what they did and they could provide a resume for the company they wanted to work with, now most people know that in addition to a CV your online presence on a site like LinkedIn is crucial.

So if you are convinced about the power of LinkedIn but still don’t know how to use it, then here are some tips to help you use it most effectively.

Make an aesthetically pleasing profile

Your name, your profile picture and a headline is the first thing people see on your profile so you might as well take out some time and craft something which is visually appealing. Upload a picture which is professional looking and write a nice headline to complement it. Make the headline as brief yet creative as you can so that people like what they see and they are convinced to click on your profile.

Fit in everything in your LinkedIn profile which has no space in your resume

There are tons of projects, content pieces, certifications, feedbacks and achievements which you simply can’t put in your resume. So use LinkedIn in order to showcase everything that you can’t put on your resume. From videos to articles, you can pretty much display everything on LinkedIn.

Connect with people

Initially, you should start off by connecting with people who you already know, then you can connect with their connections as well as they start appearing in your 1st connections. Search for co-workers, prospective clients, past class fellows, etc. and anyone you think would be a good connection to have and send them a LinkedIn request.

Be consistent

Consistency is key in any field, especially now that there is an option on LinkedIn to see your last post you should set a schedule and post according to it. Whether it is a content piece or a link to something useful, you should make it your habit to be consistent. It is ideal to post something every day but if you can’t manage that then come up with a manageable plan.

Keep searching

Once you have enough contacts in your circle, start looking for more. LinkedIn helps in really narrowing down your search to the location and job title which is a huge plus because you can find people who resonate with your industry.