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How to Build an Online Business Identity

  • By admin
  • 26-03-2017
  • Marketing

With so many businesses getting started online these days, it is only natural for entrepreneurs to wonder how they can start it as well. So if that’s something you need guidance on, then follow the steps below to build an online business identity.

1. Look for a gap in the market

There is a plethora of businesses that are online, so if you want your business to have a competitive edge, you should come up with something which will be required by your potential customers. Find a need in the market and then base your business around it. However, if you build your business around something that is already provided by other people in the market then brace yourself for competition.

Many people make the mistake of coming up with a business plan first and finding the market for it later. But before you invest in your business it is better if you see if your business has potential or not.

2. Develop your website

After you have come up with a target market and a product or service, you are ready to create a website. Start off by keeping it simple yet attention grabbing because you have fewer than 10 seconds to get someone interested in your site. Make your website user friendly so that your customers don’t reach out for the X button at the top right anytime soon.

 However, if you don’t have the expertise to do that then you can reach out to us at IntCore to help you build a website.

3. Advertise to get more visitors to your site

Initially, driving traffic to a website can be a tough task. This is where Pay Per Click advertising comes in. PPC displays your site on search pages and it also enables you to test different keywords. With that you can check out which keywords work the best for you and then you can spread them throughout your site.

4.Be present on social media platforms

Once you have made your website, you should harness social media platforms in order to bring traffic to your site. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus are all wonderful options which you can use in order to reach out to your target market. Be helpful and informative so that more people visit you and move on to your site.

5. Develop a good reputation for yourself

By being educational and credible you can develop a good reputation for yourself. Create quality content with good resources, spread those articles through your social media pages, include send to a friend options in your site and lastly become a valuable source of information for your customers.