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Influencer marketing makes a lot of benefits

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  • 01-08-2016
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In the world of searching for control and gaining the biggest number of clients, the continuous trying to satisfy them and all the attempts to gain higher profit rates, where the interest of Marketing and the developing of marketing process in the company and using new ways or tools to help them doing so.

In this article, we are talking about "Influencer Marketing" which is a marketing process based on celebrities in different fields. Celebrities here doesn't mean only the actors and singers! It means Blog owners, YouTube channel's owners and different accounts on social media that have the interest in a specific field and they keep on writing regularly till they built a base of big fans and they became influencers.

Why "Influencer Marketing" is so important? As a nature of users, in general, they are basically influenced by the opinions of people they are following and this presents a huge part of making decisions. The base of marketing is making users take a certain procedure of the content you are posting or make a certain thing whether it's raising the number of fans, raising the engagement or raising in the selling process. This is where the part of the influencers comes, they influence the users who have already interest in your product but doesn't know anything about your company, your product or the service you offer. Influencer Marketing means more creditability to your product and reaches a higher fan base. It helps you in having a potential customer base that sooner turns to be current customers because the influence they receive to make their decision based on your campaign that will give you a high ROI.

This kind of marketing is like other types that have its own styles, tools that help you:

  1. Make a search of the most important influencers interested in your field.
  2. Make a list of 20 or 30 of blog owners and different accounts on social media according to the most influencing in the fan base, pay attention that "interaction" isn't enough alone.
  3. Build a strong relationship with them.
  4. Meet them and don't work until every single person knows exactly the purpose of your campaign.
  5. Let them choose their own content inside the main idea of the campaign, don't put them in frames.
  6. Set some Call to Actions "CTAs" that helps you in the campaign, don't use so many so you don't distract the users from having the best result.
  7. Use motivation to encourage them do their best.
  8. Share what they post, on all your social media accounts.
  9. At the end, analyze the marketing process through:
  • Observe and analyze their posts, a number of shares and comments on each one.
  • Observe and analyze the impressions and interactions from these influencers.
  • Observe and analyze the number of the new followers on different companies' accounts.
  • Observe and analyze the ROI.

In 2015, this type of marketing was applied by a big number of marketers, there is even a study about this in the end of 2015 which states that 59% of marketers around the world decided to raise the budget of Influencer Marketing in 2016. On the other hand, there is 20% think it's not worthy. You can find more of this study by checking this link

In this part, we are talking about some tools that will help you in "Influencer Marketing":

  1. FollowerWonk: is one of the main tools that will help you analyzing influencers on Twitter by giving main keywords about the field you choose and you can compare them to know how strong and effective they are! This tool has 3 free accounts and they you need to upgrade it.
  2. BuzzSumo: is an analytic content tool that shows the highly shared posts, it allows you search for the most popular content about a certain subject and then it defines you people who made shares.
  3. Kred is a tool that allows you analyzing influencers on Twitter by analyzing a number of their tweets and followers, the number of interactions on tweets, likes, and replies.
  4. Klout is the most famous tool. It was criticized because of its operating system and not knowing how to measure people order on social media. But eventually, it is one of the most important tools in case you need to take a quick hit on influencers on social media.


As there is a huge number of tools, you can know more on this link that has 7 tools that will help

At the end, you can browse these websites for more campaign studies.

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