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We want our clients to grow and become the leading companies in the world, because we at Intcore believe that our clients are our business partners and their growth is regarded as a huge part of our success story. That's why we care about offering them the most efficient and modern solutions that help them achieve their business goals and continue to support them everyday.

History Timeline

Intcore went from being just an idea in the founder's mind into being a real business plan that fights to come out to the world. We first started as a web development and video production company in the Greek campus. Spreading knowledge was our main value at this time since we knew really well how hard any learning path is and how long it takes to gain knowledge and experience. We were known to be the fastest developers and video producers that carry out projects of the best required quality.


Intcore started growing and the first big milestone was taking place when CBC, a popular TV channel, had some critical issues with their website as it was down and 7 large companies tried to fix those issue and failed. After all, CBC decided to give us a visit and surprisingly we were the only company that could figure out the problem and accordingly fix it. After that, we conducted a deal with CBC to create the website of a TV show called "Ard Kbeer" and it was a great success. The second biggest milestone for us was Tecno Mobile Facebook application that we developed in 2015.


We took our memories, success stories, hard times and of course our awesome team and left the Greek campus heading to Dokki. Moreover, Intcore was on fire in GITEX 16, the greatest technology event in the Middle East held in Dubai. It was our first time attending GITEX but not the last. At GITEX, we became business partners with Bank Elbelad, and our legacy continues...



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